Nivex Assurance is an auditing firm established in 17th day of July 2015 under the Business Names Ordinance (Cap. 213). It is registered as a firm of professional accountants by the National Board of Accountants and Auditors in Tanzania (NBAA) in 21st November 2015. It has the head office in Dar-es-salaam Tanzania. The firm’s primarily focus is to engage in providing audits, accounting, taxation services, management and business consultancy, procurement consultancy and other services to individual, partnership, cooperative societies, companies, profit or non-profit associations and other organizations.

The firm is proud itself of being a professional stream not only just for an accounting expert, but more professionals of mixed best practices and experiences in business career accrued while working in public and private sector over years. The team members are extremely active in industry, professional associations and continuous educational programs, to ensure that they are contributing to the growth of the industry in which they operate. The exciting results attained by clients from utilizing the service we provide, are the outcome of using experience of our entire team to help ensure the successful growth of start-up, emerging business and other clientele expanding considerably.
The fundamental philosophy of the firm is genuine dedication of offering enthusiastic services to clients based on business and practical experience in an ethical and excellence manner. The firm has accumulation of high respect from both clients and competitors for its persistence, experience and ability to proficiently handle any assignment of business solutions that may be entrusted to the firm. Through combining professional skills and hard work with the team, the firm can develop and come up with innovative business strategies that benefit our clients.
Basically, we take seriously action with great concerned by creating close relationship with our clients. This is undertaken purposely to allow us to answer the client’s questions so that they become completely acquainted and beneficial with our services.


⦁To be one of the prime auditing and consulting firms in the country that offers best professional services at a clients’ satisfaction..


The mission of Nivex Assurance is to provide high quality and professional services in an ethical obedience and excellence, improving client’s performance toward public recognition.